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In Memoriam: S.K.

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It was a cold lifeless day As a life was laid to rest; And the hollow air swelled and swayed Upon the empty hour of death; His soul wept and ached in despair As he lay in the silent unknown; For his thoughts were only of her As his heart died alone.


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Where has time gone, Since last I checked. As a child time seemed to stand still, And days would never end Hours, once rolling slowly like billowing clouds in the sky, Are now like raging waters in a river of time.


The Greatest Story Ever Told

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Something remarkable happened this past Sunday! I was ministered to by my own sermon at the moment I was giving it. I was called upon to fill in for our pastor who is on vacation. The nice thing about our church is we have several able bodied preachers that can preach if needed throughout the year. Therefore, the heavy burden…

Entry 4

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I just finished walking the Stations of the Cross. This is the first time I have done this. This monastery has it setup on a carved path out of prairie grass. It’s very hot today (94) and the walk is quite long. I was also able to take some great nature photographs. I will included some photos of that outing…

Entry 3

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  What a joy to wake up this morning to the sound of Church bells, birds and a steady breeze. I will say, it was a much needed soothing wake up after the night of intense dreaming that took place. I don’t take dreams too seriously, although I must admit I do find them interesting. All of the dreams I…

Entry 2

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Reflections during a two hour walk in the late night hours.   It’s so beautiful out here! I don’t know how one could feel any closer to God than I am; sitting at the top of this great hill looking out over a monastery in one direction and the great expanse of nothingness in the other. And the sky, the…

My Monastic Weekend

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Entry 1: What I am doing & why I am here?   For the last fifteen years I have been on a journey; a journey which has enabled me to enter into dialogue with some great minds both past and present. Despite some unfortunate detours along the way, this academic journey has enabled me to answer one part of a…

Lines Written at Easter

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1. I say, let the night come! Let the cold moon cower behind its borrowed brightness – Let its heart be broken Through its raging loneliness, Which only the human soul has known. Let it walk the sky all night, Like a lonely walk down an empty street, Let it know the burden of wounded feet.


Am I Fallen or Falling; Am I Depraved or Lost?

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I remember when I was a child having this dream that I was falling into some black abyss of nothingness. It’s really strange to have this constant feel of weightlessness. This of course is quite different from those dreams we all have of falling some short distance. We have this incredible sense of panic, which only lasts as long as our short fall. After we have fallen we usually awake to a more tranquil setting – laying in the comfort of our beds. We say things like “man I am glad that was only a dream”.