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What Descartes said, and what I think he meant

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 Part One   Truth does not inhabit the space of possibility, but rather, only inhabits the space of what is. Conversely, possibility merely exists in a realm of expectation. It can only hope for that which truth has already obtained. One cannot “know” truth. If what is true is identical to what is, then only that which is, can obtain…


My Incredible Dream

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I dream often, but I don’t often dream of things that important. Last night, I had one of the most incredible dreams about my life, that only now has been made clear to me. My wife and I are traveling to an airport with her family so that we can show them how incredible the design of the airport is….


Kierkegaard on the problem of evil

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  Kierkegaard was not an advocate for traditional apologetic methodology. Instead, he used a Socratic dialectic approach in order to present a particular case. As we will be discussing here that case is the problem of Evil. To be blunt there is no problem of evil in the eyes of Kierkegaard. To relate the problem of evil to the existence…

A Prayer

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    This was a prayer that was prepared for our Sunday morning worship service.           Heavenly Father… Creator and Sustainer of all things. Grant us, your people, the opportunity to approach your blessed throne. Lord… Give us the courage to come before you; For we know that by coming before you we are exposing ourselves…

Ode to a Beauty I Once Knew

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Ode to a beauty I once knew, Who was a woman full of class, Revealing nothing through Mere sight. But, her beauty did embrace me one time, Through her eyes; And I came running, As one inexperienced in loving.


The Factory

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There exists a factory near the place of my birth Where more than just parts were produced But people too; Providing food and shelter; health and a future. For my memories sake I drove past it just the other day Ready to indulge my mind through the Baptism of recollection.


Lovely Lady

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I. Prologue Oh, lovely lady whom I met One fateful night. Although I knew you long ago It’s in your presence Where my dream rests tonight. Becoming lost in recollection I dreamt as one dreaming with no direction, Until you appeared to the artist And he struck the canvas with perfection. It’s there that you were placed Alongside two faceless…


Folly: A Satire

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Whoever said “blondes are dumb” Was wrong. And… Whoever said “red heads are the wildest lovers” Have known none. And… Whoever said “brunettes are the most sophisticated” Well, I’ve only seen one. But… Whoever, said “men only think about sex” Was definitely correct.    



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Horns, And more horns. People, And more people. Trash everywhere. No parking. Tickets. Homeless. No one says hi.