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The Bible is NOT the Word of God (Part 3)

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The Bible is NOT the Word of God, or is it? Sometimes I wonder if we really believe in the Holy Spirit. We certainly acknowledge the existence of the Holy Spirit in our creeds and confessions. We talk about the Holy Spirit in church and in theology classes. We even grant the Holy Spirit its own day – Pentecost Sunday….

Why Progressive Christians should distance themselves from John Shelby Spong’s 12 Theses

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  Although I dislike religious labels, if people ask, I refer to myself as a progressive Christian. When I use the word “progressive”, I don’t mean I am a “social-liberal”, though in many cases I am. That is merely something I have in common with those who are “liberal”. In other words, I don’t think a progressive Christian is simply…

THEY STILL SPEAK: The Prophets of Our Generation

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I’m not into the whole “end times” theological debates. I figure when it happens, it will happen. My time is better served by ministering the gospel than calculating mysterious dates and parsing phrases that unlock secret codes. I’m also not what you would call “charismatic”. By that I mean I don’t speak in tongues or practice any of the “spirit-filled”…

A Meditation: The Beauty of Being Holy

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I think many of us misunderstand the concept of holiness. Many of us think of holiness in terms of ethics; that is, we think holiness = perfection. In actuality, the call for us to “be holy” has nothing to do with our moral behavior per se. Instead, holiness means “to be set apart”. For example, in 1 Peter 1:16 we…

Sinners in the hands of an Angry God

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I mourn for Paris. I mourn for the Church. Just as the recent attacks in Paris provoke a deep mourning for France and many around the world, so too do they provoke within me a deep mourning for the Church. It seems that in today’s age of political evangelical Christianity when there is a humanitarian crisis (especially if it involves…

Progressive Christianity: a guide for lost evangelicals

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I recently read an article which caricatured “Millennials” as cultural capitulators with no theological/philosophical backbone. Certainly, this type of caricature is nothing new. Throughout my tenure within evangelicalism, I can remember a number of Christian expletives that were often used to delineate friend from foe. There are five that come to mind right away: liberal, new age, postmodern, emergent, and…

The Dark Night Of The Soul

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Depression is a real and serious condition. If you or a loved one are struggling with thoughts of harming yourself or others please contact the national suicide prevention line. They will connect you with a professional immediately.

I Am The Sum Of My Parts

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For the past two years, I have dedicated an enormous amount of time dealing with cultural issues, in particular, the intersection of Christianity and homosexuality. I have come to realize that I could spend a lifetime simply responding and defending certain actions/behaviors. However, this has detracted away from providing a positive influence on the progression of Christianity. My passions exceed…