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Progressive Christianity: a guide for lost evangelicals

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I recently read an article which caricatured “Millennials” as cultural capitulators with no theological/philosophical backbone. Certainly, this type of caricature is nothing new. Throughout my tenure within evangelicalism, I can remember a number of Christian expletives that were often used to delineate friend from foe. There are five that come to mind right away: liberal, new age, postmodern, emergent, and millennial. …

The Dark Night Of The Soul

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Depression is a real and serious condition. If you or a loved one are struggling with thoughts of harming yourself or others please contact the national suicide prevention line. They will connect you with a professional immediately.

I Am The Sum Of My Parts

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For the past two years, I have dedicated an enormous amount of time dealing with cultural issues, in particular, the intersection of Christianity and homosexuality. I have come to realize that I could spend a lifetime simply responding and defending certain actions/behaviors. However, this has detracted away from providing a positive influence on the progression of Christianity. My passions exceed being …

A Letter to Evangelicals Regarding Homosexuality

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I make only one request. Please read this post in its entirety before making comments. ******** I thank God for all of you. You have been faithful in spreading God’s message throughout the world. Moreover, you have not been bashful about the nature of Christ from His miraculous birth to His bodily resurrection. In fact, you understand better than anyone through …

How Political Arrogance and Ignorance Prevents Progress

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I generally don’t write about politics. Most of my writing focuses specifically on theological/cultural/biblical issues. However, the recent tragedy in Charleston and the overall incompetent response by politicians and the public at large have provoked an almost unbearable frustration. ******* I am constantly underwhelmed and overburdened by those who are elected to lead our country. Maybe I am an idealist but …

The Almost Christian Discovered

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This message was delivered to the fine folks at Papio Creek Church on Sunday May 31st 2015. Description This messages consists of two parts. PART ONE: What does it mean to call oneself a “Christian” in today’s culture. We have been told by our predecessors a version of Christianity that is untrue. We have taken this untrue story to the nations …

Real or Unreal: Why Conservative Christianity Fears Progressive Christianity

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For the next month, a consortium of Christian churches in the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona is hosting a series of seminars called “Progressive Christianity: Fact or Fiction”. The series is aimed at providing a buffer against questions that have arisen surrounding a progressive church in the area. The debate between progressive and conservative Christianity is not new. Most of the …

Christians, Death, And Embracing Grief

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When a loved one dies, we suffer at the deepest emotional level. The shock of our loved one no longer being present with us reminds us of our own mortality. When we grieve we do not grieve for our loved one – we grieve for ourselves. We grieve because we are reminded of how short life is; how fragile our bodies …