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The Ken Ham Bill Nye Debate: a full analysis

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Ken Ham vs Bill Nye. It’s not the Bud Bowl, but it will suffice as an entertaining way to spend one’s evening. I generally don’t like formal debates. Their formalities tend to get in the way of the conversational tone necessary for the transmission of ideas. In other words, they seem mostly pointless. However, one of the most highly anticipated public …

The Metaphysics of Witnessing

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Ludwig Wittgenstein’s (1889-1951) linguistic philosophy is both convoluted and profoundly elegant once the basic ideas are unpacked into digestible pieces. One such idea is his theory of language games. Wittgenstein posited (among many other things) that within every subculture, there are specific ways language is used relative to that particular culture. Moreover, how that particular subculture chooses to use its form …

Christ AND Culture, OR Christ IN Culture (Continued)

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In the last 10 years or so we have seen an unbelievable cultural movement both in our society as well as in the Church. If the church continues to ignore dissenting voices and take the issue seriously not only will the church lose what little credibility it has with our society but it will also result in a large scale schism (perhaps this already happened – history will be the judge).

Either, what is truth? OR, Why Religion and Science are both asking the wrong questions.

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I am still amazed as I peruse various blogs around the internet how much of an issue religion and science still is. For some reason, when it comes to intellectual discourse about these topics rationality seems to be thrown out as a requirement for conversation – or perhaps more accurately, arguing. It seems to me that the majority of this problem …

Obama, Racism, And Being White

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  You can find the President’s remarks about Trayvon Martin at the bottom of this article. As you know I recently wrote on the tragedy related to Trayvon Martin and the irrational response from certain Civil Rights leaders in our country. Recently, Barack Obama made some helpful remarks regarding the entire situation as it relates to the outrage in the African-American …

What Americans should learn from the Zimmerman case

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I am so tired of all of this! I am becoming more and more frustrated over the role special interest groups, the media (all of it!), and politics is playing in shaping our cultural perceptions. I am a ardent supporter of Civil Rights in this country, and am utterly offended by the lack of integrity and character displayed by so called …

Either “Is Homosexuality A Sin?” OR “Is Homophobia A Sin?”

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The modern Church’s overall inability to properly engage the culture in which it exists is none the more evident than in the issue of homosexuality. There is nothing more appalling (except perhaps our treatment of African Americans and women), than the pure hatred that the church has shown to the homosexual community. This will be my attempt at helping to add …

Christ AND Culture, OR Christ IN Culture

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Our culture has numerous divisive issues, but the two that seem to create a more firm line than the issues of abortion and homosexuality. So it should not be surprising to see a lot of division between “Christians” and those who support proposition 8. However, what is surprising is the growing division that is continuing to occur within Christianity itself. It is my hopes that this article will add to the ongoing conversation that is taking place within our culture, and in particular the christian sub-culture, on this issue.