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The Greatest Story Ever Told

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Something remarkable happened this past Sunday! I was ministered to by my own sermon at the moment I was giving it. I was called upon to fill in for our pastor who is on vacation. The nice thing about our church is we have several able bodied preachers that can preach if needed throughout the year. Therefore, the heavy burden does …

Am I Fallen or Falling; Am I Depraved or Lost?

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I remember when I was a child having this dream that I was falling into some black abyss of nothingness. It’s really strange to have this constant feel of weightlessness. This of course is quite different from those dreams we all have of falling some short distance. We have this incredible sense of panic, which only lasts as long as our short fall. After we have fallen we usually awake to a more tranquil setting – laying in the comfort of our beds. We say things like “man I am glad that was only a dream”.

Kierkegaard on the problem of evil

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  Kierkegaard was not an advocate for traditional apologetic methodology. Instead, he used a Socratic dialectic approach in order to present a particular case. As we will be discussing here that case is the problem of Evil. To be blunt there is no problem of evil in the eyes of Kierkegaard. To relate the problem of evil to the existence of …

The Kingdom

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I recently had one of those moments where something made sense. Sitting in church on Sunday the Kingdom of God seemed to come into clarity. The topic is heavily debated, in particular, Dispensationalists versus Calvinists. To be honest I don’t really care which group believes what as I find myself belonging to neither. It seems to me in reading scripture as …