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A moment in early spring

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Oh, how I love a Sunday afternoon nap in early spring. When the brisk breeze broaches the threshold of the window screen. And laying my head upon the cool pillow Betrays the intent of this beautiful day. As the season breaths on me I begin inhaling the fresh purified air Setting my lungs free And putting my body at ease Allowing my mind to wander and dream. VIEW the ...

Lines Written at Easter

Lines Written at Easter

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1. I say, let the night come! Let the cold moon cower behind its borrowed brightness - Let its heart be broken Through its raging loneliness, Which only the human soul has known. Let it walk the sky all night, Like a lonely walk down an empty street, Let it know the burden of wounded feet. VIEW the POST


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As I come upon a hill At eventide, I can see The tops of the trees are white And are as high as they are wide Contrasting the darkening nearby sky Against the ever-present moment of time VIEW the POST

Why do the birds rise so early

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Why do the birds rise so early In the morning I ask; But then I remembered What it’s like in unrest. …and so in that way I am Much like my winged friends Except I only wish I could sing Like them - So early in the morning.