For a Season

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I set aside a season for my love
And a garden to remember her by;
So that upon the chime of the new moon
My dear love would arrive.
Oh, where has the time gone,
Since last she did pass?
I have been lost for so long,
And so long, lost in the past –
Leaving me wounded from the years
Of a time lived without her love
My war–torn soul is still soaked in the tears of
Her memories.

The breadth of autumn’s
Beauty was no match for
The depths of her eyes
Which were as deep as the sky
Is wide.
And rare, as the winter flower,
Showering my soul like a warm summer rain
And devouring my heart every hour,
Of every day.
Not so different was her smile,
Which radiated like the sun
For thousands and thousands of endless miles
She was light to everyone.
She was my love, and my world;
She was my heart, and my girl;
She was my sun, and at times my night;
But she was always my souls delight.
Sweetest love, how I have missed her for so long
That barely do I exist with the loss,
So that every night I pray for just one chance to say goodbye;
But, my prayers fall back to the ground like rain.
And still, there is one thing I know for certain,
That if I had to do it again,
I would gladly carry the burden
A dozen times over a dozen lives
Just for the chance to love this woman, one more time.





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