My Incredible Dream

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I dream often, but I don’t often dream of things that important. Last night, I had one of the most incredible dreams about my life, that only now has been made clear to me. My wife and I are traveling to an airport with her family so that we can show them how incredible the design of the airport is. (Note: this airport does not really exist). Enter my first fear – fear of flying.

The most significant aspect of this new airport is the roof where they have a life size airplane on one of its levels. However, in order to see this awesome airplane we have to climb to the higher level roof and look below at the lower level roof. Enter my second fear – fear of heights.

We all climb to the roof and its an incredible sight. However, I am terrified and am grasping to the pitch of the roof while laying on my stomach. I am refusing to look below because its much higher than I thought. In the meantime everyone else jumps on to the lower part of the roof and are playing on the airplane. When I look down and to my left (remember I am laying on my stomach), it seems that we are roughly 20 stories high. When I look to my right I notice the ground comes up fairly high – probably within 15 feet of the roof. And on that level there is a door to the main part of the airport. I think to myself I have to get off here some how. When I look closer I realize that in between the roof I am laying on and the ground I just spotted is an incredibly deep body of water. Enter my third fear – deep water.

There exists all of this drama in my mind as to what I am to do. After a lengthy period of time, and with no thought whatsoever I stand and jump over the body of water and land with a tumble to the grass. (Like an action hero of course). When I turn to look back at the roof, everyone is standing there looking at me in amazement – utterly surprised I leaped.

Apparently despite the sum of my fears, I am to take the Kierkegaarding Leap!

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My Incredible Dream