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Greetings and welcome to the blog of Eric English! This blog is my little place on the internet where all of my diverse personalities come together. When I started this blog in 2011, I could not have imagined that I would still be writing 10 years later. Nor could I have imagined the journey some of these writings would take. Writings on theology, religion, culture, philosophy, poetry, have transversed the world and returned introducing me to individuals I would not have otherwise met. As this new decade begins I look forward to sharing my thoughts and insights for another 10 years.

Please Note

I recognize there is very little I can do as a white middle-class man to help African Americans during their struggle. All I can do is teach my children what is right and set for them an example to live by. In my experience, many white folks misunderstand racism. Therefore, In response to this, I will be providing various resources that help to promote education about racism in this country. New RACISM resources section coming soon! 

Newest Articles

Why do the birds rise so early

1 min read 382 views

Why do the birds rise so early In the morning I ask; But then I remembered What it’s like in unrest. …and so in that way I am Much like my winged friends Except I only wish I could sing Like them - So early in the morning.

The Inwardness of Man

3 min read 515 views

It is all very easy, is it not? At least that is what it seems. One can get up on a particular day of the week around mid-morning and go to a place of fellowship with like-minded individuals. It is all very easy, is it not, to exist in indifference? One could certainly get the impression that the situation is ...

To be in Truth you must first deny it

5 min read 458 views

Certainly there are some among you who gladly look upon this proposition and extrapolate all of the reasons for why one cannot be a Christian while at the same time denying truth. You will no doubt announce “ah, ha!” and move forward with your indictment of the soul, which surely fills books and books. Then there are others who will…