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Someone Once Told Me

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I’m a writer Not a poet, So I wrote a story And turned it into a poem.  

Lovely Lady

3 min read 267 views

I. Prologue Oh, lovely lady whom I met One fateful night. Although I knew you long ago It’s in your presence Where my dream rests tonight. Becoming lost in recollection I dreamt as one dreaming with no direction, Until you appeared to the artist And he struck the canvas with perfection. It’s there that you were placed Alongside two faceless men, Who look like dogs begging for attention. Yet, you remain the focus ...

Folly: A Satire

1 min read 233 views

Whoever said “blondes are dumb” Was wrong. And… Whoever said “red heads are the wildest lovers” Have known none. And… Whoever said “brunettes are the most sophisticated” Well, I’ve only seen one. But… Whoever, said “men only think about sex” Was definitely correct.     …



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Horns, And more horns. People, And more people. Trash everywhere. No parking. Tickets. Homeless. No one says hi. VIEW the POST


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For: K. T. ~ Thank You!   Tattered pages feather Toward a dimming light; Longing to be touched Just one more time. Time is nascent, VIEW the POST

The Kingdom

1 min read 464 views

I recently had one of those moments where something made sense. Sitting in church on Sunday the Kingdom of God seemed to come into clarity. The topic is heavily debated, in particular, Dispensationalists versus Calvinists. To be honest I don’t really care which group believes what as I find myself belonging to neither. It seems to me in reading scripture as …

Philosophical Fragments – Truth

Philosophical Fragments – Truth

4 min read 207 views

1.1 Truth does not inhabit the space of possibility, but rather, only inhabits the space of what is. Conversely, possibility merely exists in a realm of expectation. It can only hope for that which truth has already obtained. One cannot “know” truth. If what is true is identical to what is, then only that which is, can obtain that truth. To ...

For truth to be known, it must first be stomped upon by the world

For truth to be known, it must first be stomped upon by the world

2 min read 246 views

If I were a blank slate, with respect to knowledge, what would be the first truth I encountered? Descartes believed, for example, that an individual cannot doubt their ability to doubt. For Descartes, this necessitated that thinking was the chief constituent to a universal truth. This line of reasoning requires us to accept the fact (through deduction) that the mind ...


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As I come upon a hill At eventide, I can see The tops of the trees are white And are as high as they are wide Contrasting the darkening nearby sky Against the ever-present moment of time …


I am only a man

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Seven times I died before winter’s end. Eyes accustomed to weeping through the night Thinking thoughts about the loss; And longing to belong To the air you breathe one more time; But I am wholly unworthy VIEW the POST