The Perspectives Series


a new blog series

I am thrilled to announce a new series I will be launching called Perspectives. Although this is an experimental effort, it does have a particular focus. The focus of this series will be to create pithy observations that are both informative as well as devotional.

In my experience most disputes that take place within Christianity and/or culture is the result of a faulty perception. This happens for a variety of reasons; whether it’s blindly following the latest media spin, or simply not listening to another person’s perspective – the excuses are as numerous as the reasons. It is my hope to provide some perspective on various issues that may help to bolster proper dialogue among disparate groups.

As the title suggests these topics will be related to those themes which correspond to one’s perspective. In most cases this is meant to provide contextual information that might be useful in better understanding another’s position or idea. Sometimes the format will be direct and other times indirect.

I am of the opinion that unless one can fully appreciate how much of their beliefs are formed simply because of an individual’s place in space and time (perspective), that they will always be “misinformed”. Truth within any belief system can only be accomplished through understanding this simple concept.

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