In Memoriam: S.K.

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It was a cold lifeless day
As a life was laid to rest;
And the hollow air swelled and swayed
Upon the empty hour of death;

His soul wept and ached in despair
As he lay in the silent unknown;
For his thoughts were only of her
As his heart died alone.

But, not a tear dare fall upon her soft cheek
As he lay in quiet rest.
No solace would she seek
For him who gave his life, so she could live.

Barely had breath leapt from his broken body;
And the fight for life came to an end;
Nor had the night succumb to melancholy;
Before church bells began singing songs of celebration.

But he did not go quiet into the lonely night.
His last breath sent a song into the air.
A song still sung today;
In a poem one can still hear.



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