The Almost Christian Discovered

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This message was delivered to the fine folks at Papio Creek Church on Sunday May 31st 2015.


This messages consists of two parts.

PART ONE: What does it mean to call oneself a “Christian” in today’s culture. We have been told by our predecessors a version of Christianity that is untrue. We have taken this untrue story to the nations under the guise of evangelism. Our lack of reflection and accountability within Christianity has resulted in a general distrust between Christians and American Culture.

PART TWO: God is not pleased with His Church. It seems as though Christians are continually acting in a way that increases the gap between themselves and the culture to which they are called to minister. This creates an environment where the Church is against culture instead of properly integrated within it. Conservative Christians (especially those within evangelicalism) have politicized the gospel and legislated the Bible. All of this is sin. It is time to return to a gospel story that takes the WHOLE narrative seriously instead of cherry picking and rearranging. We must relinquish the bonds we have to our version of truth and those ideas we believe correspond to that truth. It’s time for us to be honest and authentic, telling the story of redemption as it was intended – by how we live their lives.


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