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Where has time gone,

Since last I checked.

As a child time seemed to stand still,

And days would never end

Hours, once rolling slowly like billowing clouds in the sky,

Are now like raging waters in a river of time.

Where has time gone,

Since last I stopped to reflect upon

My image in the mirror.

Time, not as far as it is near,

Seems to hide in the lines of my face;

Creating an image I almost don’t recognize,

But must embrace.


Where has time gone,

Since last I turned the page;

Dust, enveloping this old book is the story of my life.

And, as the narrator begins to depart

I desperately grasp at the pages

Before they fall apart.


But it is now too late –

The story is finished;

And as the day has becomes night

I am simply placed upon the shelf of time;

Becoming lost in an ever expanding sea of books –

Indistinguishable from all the others;

For if I had distinguished myself from another

I would not have been the story, but the author.





The Greatest Story Ever Told