What Americans should learn from the Zimmerman case

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[heading1]I am so tired of all of this![/heading1]

I am becoming more and more frustrated over the role special interest groups, the media (all of it!), and politics is playing in shaping our cultural perceptions.

I am a ardent supporter of Civil Rights in this country, and am utterly offended by the lack of integrity and character displayed by so called “civil rights leaders”.

[heading1]The truth, plain and simple[/heading1]

I would think that if people really cared about the death of Trayvon Martin they would be more upset with groups like the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. instead of the Jury, Zimmerman, or the Justice Department.

These groups seem to care more about their political ideologies than they do any real “justice” or actual “truth”. Trayvon is their next “cause” and the black community should be outraged over this.

For example, Mr. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have you believe that Justice was not accomplished during the Zimmerman Trial. Why? Is it because he was found innocent. Is it because he was found innocent by a jury of his peers? Is it really true that justice is only accomplished if your opinion is substituted for a lawful verdict?

And what about Justice for Mr. Zimmerman. How many times does he need to be tried; how many “freedoms” and “liberties” does he need to be stripped of before “justice” can prevail.

I do not know Mr. Zimmerman’s intent. Only he and God know. But…neither does Mr. Sharpton and the other civil rights leaders.

When will Americans learn that until we put aside our politics for the greater good of humanity (conservatives and liberals), then we will never see the “change” we so desperately need.

All races – all Americans, should be upset that this young boy died (wrongly or rightly I do not know).


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