Confession of Faith

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What is a confession of faith? A confession of faith is a personal or corporate declaration of the necessary beliefs the individual or corporate body profess. A confession of faith does not contain any defense for said beliefs, but simply states them in the form of propositions.

Holy God

Representing the full essence of pure holy being, God consists of three aspects of personhood all necessary and sufficient for the whole being of God.

The Father
As the will of God, the Father is the supreme creative mind who directs and sustains all things.

The Son/Jesus Christ
As the holy Word of God, the Son is the full embodiment of God’s revelation; both to the Father, whose identity is then reciprocated, and as the essential communicative agent of the divine will to the created order, whose identity is Jesus Christ.

The Spirit
As the consciousness of God, the Spirit is the divine self which unifies the essence of God unto his aspects and is the manifestation of power, will, and presence to the created order.


As created in the image of God, man’s sole purpose is to glorify God.

Pre-fall: Man’s image represented the pure harmony of being within his personhood.
Post-fall: Man’s image degenerated through the conflict, which exists between all aspects of his personhood.

The Church

The purpose of the Church is to embody the revelation of God to fellow man through the practice of faith.

The Bible

The bible is the sacred text of Christ’s church; completely sufficient as the sole rule for the practice of faith in God among fellow man.

Christ AND Culture, OR Christ IN Culture
Confession of Faith