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A Whisper to the Night (2020 revision)

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Originally published in 2004 the poem “A Whisper to the Night” has been completely reinvented. Arguably one of my best poems this new version creates a more complete narrative that the original could only hint toward.   i. A whisper to the night; The river speaks. Its moving streams move out of sight Flowing into the deep, deep night. The…


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While the early morning still is dipped in blue And the eager sun begins encroaching upon the horizon I am awakened by the approaching Chimes of autumn’s leaves rising

Red Eye

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  It will happen on a night like this When the stars dangle precariously from strings Into a black ether. When an unobstructed moon Slowly wanes across a star-filled sky; On that night I will whisper “Be careful of the stars” And my words will follow you as you travel. (No matter where you are)

The Cost Of Breathing

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for G.F.   Where is the air, I cannot breathe? The weight of this world is too heavy. It’s a suffocating frenzy Of people in need. Like the King, my name will be upon the lips of many – a flaming arrow that will blister the ears of those unwilling to hear. No matter how far or near They are…

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) A Confession & Reflection

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For the most part, I have been emotionally unaffected by Covid-19. Even when the virus struck our state, there was very little emotional change that I experienced. As our children were taken out of school; as professional sports around the country were canceled; as companies and local vendors closed up shop, I still remained emotionally stoic. However, that all changed…

EITHER, A Letter of departure, OR Give a blogger a hug

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The last year or so have proven to take a huge toll on my heart and mind. Over the last five years I have seen our culture become increasingly disunified. In the same time span I have seen the church become more divided. And it doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. My strength has withered and my perseverance seems to be at its end. Whether or not this will be my last article I do not know – only the lord does.