About Me

Eric is a rogue philosopher, professional web developer, and ninja (in that order). He is a father of three, husband of one, and a poet unto himself.

“The philosopher has not done philosophy until he has acted upon the mere conviction of his idea; for proof of the theory is in the act, not the idea.”
Eric is a rarely sought after public speaker. However, he does practice often in front of the mirror just in case he gets the call. Eric describes himself as a recovering modernist who greatly appreciates the role that progressive Christianity has played in helping move the faith towards progress. Eric’s main areas of thinking are in philosophy (specifically, Soren Kierkegaard), theology (narrative), and culture. Eric appreciates the creative aspects of writing and often employs them in order to add depth to the topic and provocation within the reader. Eric is a father of 3 (Emma, Olivia, and Elias) and a husband to one (Cindy).

Eric Currently resides in the Grand Rapids, MI area.