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The Bible is NOT the Word of God (Part 3)

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Part One of this series Part Two of this series Sometimes I wonder if we really believe in the Holy Spirit. We certainly acknowledge the existence of the Holy Spirit in our creeds and confessions. We talk about the Holy Spirit in church and in theology classes. We even grant the Holy Spirit its own day – Pentecost Sunday. But still, …

Progressive Christianity: a guide for lost evangelicals

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I recently read an article which caricatured “Millennials” as cultural capitulators with no theological/philosophical backbone. Certainly, this type of caricature is nothing new. Throughout my tenure within evangelicalism, I can remember a number of Christian expletives that were often used to delineate friend from foe. There are five that come to mind right away: liberal, new age, postmodern, emergent, and millennial. …

Either, how many Christians misunderstand sin; OR, loving like a Pharisee

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I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it still does. I recently came across an article talking about how the song “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town has been banned by many country radio stations around the country. As the argument goes, the song promotes the “gay agenda”. Of course anyone who actually listens to the song knows this is …

Marcus Borg: A Tribute To Theological Integrity

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Perhaps not since the reformation has the church been as divided against itself as it is today. Christians like to label things: republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, Calvinist or Arminian, modern or postmodern; the list is lengthy. Theological scholarship is not much different. To many of these people Marcus Borg was an iconoclastic progressive liberal. Then there is a large …

Becoming UNenlightened

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My birthday This October I celebrated my 20th anniversary of being a Christian. Well…to be honest, I didn’t really celebrate – there was no cake, decorations, princesses, or a donkey-horse hanging precariously from a tree branch. It was more like, changing diapers, chasing children, and pretending to be a donkey-horse for my five years old. So…I guess in that sense there …

EMBRACING THE ABSURD: the problem of ABSOLUTES and the promise of SUBJECTIVITY

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Objectivity confines God to a box that He did not create. It limits God to simple-minded systems and concepts that He destroys. Jesus did not come to get rid of the Law – there was in fact nothing wrong with the Law. He came to destroy the system around it. He did not come to bring insurance, but assurance. He did not come to bring certainty, but gave us the privilege of experiencing his mystery.

Soren Kierkegaard: The First Emergent Thinker? (Part One)

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For the past fifteen years the “Emerging Church” has been a source of refuge for a large contingent of disenfranchised Christians. Many of whom are evangelicals who found themselves questioning important aspects of their faith and found little to no support from their local churches. When I first encountered the Emerging Church roughly ten years ago, I believed most of the …

Either, what is truth? OR, Why Religion and Science are both asking the wrong questions.

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I am still amazed as I peruse various blogs around the internet how much of an issue religion and science still is. For some reason, when it comes to intellectual discourse about these topics rationality seems to be thrown out as a requirement for conversation – or perhaps more accurately, arguing. It seems to me that the majority of this problem …