Why I Decided To Re-Launch The Blog (2018)

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In September of 2016, I made the decision to take a sabbatical from writing. When I set out to start a blog it was intended to be a theological/philosophical platform to help the Church make the reforms necessary for effectively spreading the gospel of Jesus.

What I had not anticipated was just how much the Church had strayed off message by portraying Jesus as a hateful demagogue. A blog that was meant to challenge unsound theological practices instead became a platform for being a cultural corrective for the Church and its theological politics.

This was never the vision for the blog – nor am I passionate about such things.

I have come to realize that I could spend a lifetime simply responding and defending certain actions/behaviors and it will never change anyone’s mind. What’s more is this has detracted from providing a positive influence on the progression of Christianity. My passion for the Church revolves around providing the Church perspective as well as the philosophical tools necessary for doing theology properly. Hopefully, the result will be far-reaching in the Church’s life.

Self-reflection on life

Throughout my life, I have been a student of people. We often hear how diverse humans are, but at our most fundamental level, I think we are really quite simple. Most of us just exist day-to-day. We rarely challenge ourselves to think broader than the scope of our experiences. Sometimes we do this because we don’t know how to do anything different, but most of the time we simply don’t want to. We get stuck in the seemingly endless circle of our day-to-day duties and when we look up 20 years have gone by.

Then there are those people (a much smaller group) who desire to understand the life they are living. They ask questions of themselves that most are afraid to ask. They question what they experience because they understand how limited their perceptions are in discerning truth.

For at least the last 15 years I have attempted to live as the latter. At some point, I came to the realization that much of life is outside of my control. I see far too many people attempting to control their lives in order to make their world more predictable and, therefore, safe. I understand that I cannot control my world, but I can try to make it a better place. When I replace control with intentionality, the abundant joy that life has to offer reveals itself.

Moving forward

Although on occasion I might address various cultural issues within our society, the goal for this blog is as follows:

To be an irrational voice for my brothers and sisters within the Church; and to be a rational voice to those outside of the Church.

To UNenligthen those who are enlightened in order to aid in the redirection of the individual’s perspective.

To provoke uneasiness within the theologian in order that they might think outside of their box.

Finally, to resurrect the spiritually dead; to prop up the spiritually lame and lead the hopeless to the rising of the Son.


I look forward to walking with you all again on this journey of life.

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