A Prayer

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This was a prayer that was prepared for our Sunday morning worship service.


Heavenly Father…

Creator and Sustainer of all things.

Grant us, your people, the opportunity to approach your blessed throne.


Give us the courage to come before you;

For we know that by coming before you we are exposing ourselves for who we are.

Since we know we can only come before you as sinful;

And that we could never be worthy to be in your presence

Then we call upon the sufferings of Christ

Who, on our behalf, covered our sins by his grace and through his deep love.

Glory to God in the highest!


We come before you in discord.

Create within us minds that are still

So that we might hear the gentle whisperings of your word.

Just as our bodies are in need of bread and water to survive

Make us long in this way for the bread of life.

Lord…Make known to us your truth.

And give us the strength to go out into a troubled world

For the advancement of the kingdom

And the glory of God.



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