My letter to World Vision

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To whom it may concern at World Vision,

I bring you greetings.

We have been sponsoring a child for over 10 years with World Vision. We love World Vision and always stand behind your mission. We are incredibly upset at the fact that you recently reversed your decision to let legally married homosexuals work for you. The reasons you cited for reversing your decision (you didn’t mean to undermine scripture) is an excuse for the real reason you changed your policy – namely, pressure from the far right within Evangelicalism.

The truth is, you’re not undermining scripture. But, what you are doing is boldly stating that you lack principle; and that you are willing to change significant policies (humanitarian policies nonetheless) in order to make some special interest group happy.

Your decision was correct the first time. By you changing your policy again, you are essentially saying that World Vision views Christian homosexuals different from any other type of Christian, and that you’re not willing to hire certain types of Christians. As a Christian humanitarian organization your policies should be based on scripture not politics.

Perhaps, you should just not hire anybody. We are all sinners, in need of the same savior. No sin is greater than another. Policies like the one you have just changed do nothing but encourage elitist groups within evangelicalism to continue persecuting those Christians who believe differently from them.

Those who threatened to stop supporting children because of your original policy change are the ones undermining scripture, not World Vision; although, I can assure you that you are now. On behalf of many other Christians who care equally for others, we ask for the sake of Christ, you reinstate your policy.

We will NOT stop supporting World Vision. We will continue as we always have because it’s what Christ would do. Regardless, I hope that you still take this letter seriously even though I didn’t threaten you with anything. I don’t come with hate, but with reason, conviction, and love.

Serving the same Christ,

Eric Scot English

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