Entry 2

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Reflections during a two hour walk in the late night hours.


It’s so beautiful out here! I don’t know how one could feel any closer to God than I am; sitting at the top of this great hill looking out over a monastery in one direction and the great expanse of nothingness in the other.

And the sky, the sky seems to go on forever radiating a beautiful hue of blue. All around me I hear the faint whispers of the prairie grass while the trees gently roar off in the distance. Also, at the horizon I can see the most incredible display of lightning. The bolts are so clear and so red; it looks as if fire is being hurled down from the heavens. it’s almost surreal.

It’s all you can do just to take everything in. it’s almost as if one doesn’t know what to do with it all. The senses become overwhelmed in the presence of such grandeur. Not being an outdoors-man, I am amazed at how natural it feels for me to be out in nature.

I must believe that if the voice of God were not here, then it is a voice to be found nowhere.






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My Monastic Weekend
Entry 2