My Monastic Weekend

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Entry 1:

What I am doing & why I am here?


For the last fifteen years I have been on a journey; a journey which has enabled me to enter into dialogue with some great minds both past and present. Despite some unfortunate detours along the way, this academic journey has enabled me to answer one part of a two part question: what does it mean to truly walk with God?

There is little doubt the single mindedness of my travels through this labyrinth of thought has come at a cost – my spiritual self. Perhaps the combination of my current circumstances and feelings of being unsettled is God’s way of directing my journey through his Spirit of truth in order to answer the second part of the question: what does it mean to truly walk with God?

As a result I decided to immerse myself in monastic life this weekend. I have retreated to a wonderful monastery here in Nebraska in hopes of hearing the quiet voice of God among nature.


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My Monastic Weekend