It’s Lonely Getting Lost

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It’s lonely getting lost
In the dense forest of life,
(Which I often do)
Anytime I wander through.

No matter how hard or long I try
The paths I have chosen are rarely right.
And so I am left wandering all night
Among trees that always seem the same.

The sun, which once guided me
Is now shrouded by an overgrown canopy;
It’s light, no brighter
Than a dancing candlelight’s desperate flicker.

At times there are signs
Of hope, when upon hearing
The constant refrain
Of nearby streams streaming.

But most of the time
They are nowhere to be found
Flooding my ears with empty sounds
Filling my mind with thoughts of empty signs.

Each path I have traveled
Has introduced me to new hostiles,
Who are offended simply because I am there.
And so I become broken.
Each time getting torn apart
Until all that is left is a slowly bleeding heart.

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It’s Lonely Getting Lost