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Red Eye

Red Eye

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  It will happen on a night like this When the stars dangle precariously from strings Into a black ether. When an unobstructed moon Slowly wanes across a star-filled sky; On that night I will whisper “Be careful of the stars” And my words will follow you as you travel. (No matter where you are)

Reflections on 10 years of marriage

Reflections on 10 years of marriage

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How does one say "I love you", to someone who is incredibly special to you. Simple words seem to fall back upon me as dew on the grass. Cindy and I are very unconventional people and so doing something conventional would lack sufficient meaning for us. Two years ago I began thinking about this moment. Why? It's simple. For some time ...

Reflections on Fatherhood

Reflections on Fatherhood

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I. He holds a gentle yet firm grasp Of the soul. He teaches you how to grow Up, and get old.   He teaches you how to work… How to love… How to do what is right; Simply by the way he lives his life.   He is a shelter from the storm, And your blanket during the winter cold. His voice is both firm and soft And his word is always his bond. VIEW ...

In Memoriam: S.K.

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It was a cold lifeless day As a life was laid to rest; And the hollow air swelled and swayed Upon the empty hour of death; His soul wept and ached in despair As he lay in the silent unknown; For his thoughts were only of her As his heart died alone. VIEW the POST

Ode to a Beauty I Once Knew

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Ode to a beauty I once knew, Who was a woman full of class, Revealing nothing through Mere sight. But, her beauty did embrace me one time, Through her eyes; And I came running, As one inexperienced in loving. VIEW the POST

Lovely Lady

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I. Prologue Oh, lovely lady whom I met One fateful night. Although I knew you long ago It’s in your presence Where my dream rests tonight. Becoming lost in recollection I dreamt as one dreaming with no direction, Until you appeared to the artist And he struck the canvas with perfection. It’s there that you were placed Alongside two faceless men, Who look like dogs begging for attention. Yet, you remain the focus ...

I am only a man

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Seven times I died before winter’s end. Eyes accustomed to weeping through the night Thinking thoughts about the loss; And longing to belong To the air you breathe one more time; But I am wholly unworthy VIEW the POST

For a Season

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I set aside a season for my love And a garden to remember her by; So that upon the chime of the new moon My dear love would arrive.   Oh, where has the time gone, Since last she did pass? I have been lost for so long, And so long, lost in the past -   Leaving me wounded from the years Of a time lived without her love My war–torn ...