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Paradoxes are not flaws…

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…they are a part of nature. They serve to remind us how complex reality is. But even more, they serve to remind us of our place in this vast cosmos. Therefore, when we endeavor into any aspect of our world we should do so with utter humility constantly reminding ourselves of where we stand in proportion to this vast expanse…


I may or may not be saved

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I reckon God has better things to do than to cater to my insecurities. Or, maybe, being “saved” is not the point. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”7515344″]


Who would ever want to live in truth…

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…it’s a terribly dreadful place. You see truth does not care who you are. It makes no concessions and is never arbitrary. Like a beacon shining in the dark it will always expose untruth. To live in truth is to be constantly reminded of just how much untruth exists in our lives and in the world. Yes, indeed, truth is…


There is no free gift

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It is not free because there is much work to do. It is not a gift because it is neither comfortable nor easy. However, there does exist the free gift of living in ignorance. It’s free because it requires no effort whatsoever. It’s a gift because it was handed to you at birth. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”7515344″]


God does NOT promise me security…

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…but he DOES promise me hope. This hope has nothing to do with my ability to perceive the absolute correctly. It does not rest in any form of certainty whatsoever. It rests in the constant struggle of being a follower of Christ. It’s about obeying WHEN I am commanded. It’s about living out my salvation with fear and trembling. In…